Monterey County California SARS-CoV-2 update 9/06-9/19/20

In the last 14 days (September 6 – September 19, 2020), 9,289 RT-PCR assays for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) were performed and 996 were positive for an average of 10.60% positive tests per day. We have had 9 deaths in 14 days, an average of 0.643 deaths per day. We have now had a total of 9,467 infections in our county; 10.52% of these infections have occurred in the last 14 days of the pandemic. At our current rate of new infections, 71 per day for the last 14 days, we will reach 10,000 total infections in 8 days. 41 new patients were hospitalized in the last 14 days bringing the total to 549; 7.46% of the total hospitalizations have occurred in the last 14 days. Our hospitalization rate is averaging 2.93 patients per day for the last 14 days. To date, 67 of the 549 patients have died (12.20%). We are not controlling the infection in Monterey County. If our rate of hospitalizations and death rate remain constant, we will reach a total of 100 COVID-19 deaths in our county between 11/3/20 and 11/09/20. If we can get the number of infections down below 1% to 3% per day, we might have a chance to control the pandemic and the deaths per day in our county.