What Our Patients Say

We love that our patients feel inspired to write about the care they received from Dr. Wright. Here are some of the wonderful letters and comments we have received:


“Doctor Wright saved my life back in 2012, I would recommend him to a friend who is struggling with a disease or illness.”

“A doctor that listens to his patients and cares deeply. He has character and always manages to make me laugh, even when I felt too sick to. He saved my life. He’s a rare find in the mess of the medical system.”

“After going to over 50 doctors in a 27 year period. Dr Wright asked me where I lived, what I did for a living, what I did for fun, even what I ate. Other doctors had misdiagnosed me as having fibromyalgia. It turned out I had Lyme disease from when I was living in India. Most doctors only test for the kind of ticks that are in your local area. Most doctors are not so complete in their interviews. Because my Lyme disease went undiagnosed/ misdiagnosed for so long, it had damaged my 18 B cell which gave me a permanent immune deficiency. DR WRIGHT SAVED MY LIFE! It has been almost 5 years and I’ve gone from laying in bed all day every day to being productive again. I will be always grateful for this thoughtful caring genius! Don’t give up. Go to Dr Wright.”

“I had seen at least 10 doctors before finding Doc Wright, so by the time I came to him, I was a complete mess who distrusted doctors but was in terrible pain. Doc Wright was eccentric (to say the least) and deeply compassionate. He examined me, ordered labs, PROPERLY diagnosed the condition (tick-borne infection: Borrelia hermsii) and treated the condition which cured the condition and GAVE ME BACK MY LIFE. I am forever indebted to this kind man.”

“A brilliant and eccentric Doctor and Singer, with a heart of gold.”

“I saw Dr. Wright in 2016 and he totally changed my life. I had been suffering for over 10 years with symptoms no other doctor could define. He did a large battery of tests and I had a tick borne infection… I had infusions for 42 days and finished treatment free of any remaining infection. He changed my life and is a wonderfully dedicated doctor!”

“Brilliant and so experienced, having been an Army doc. Treated me for residual bone infection, rescuing me from excruciating pain. (Got another surgery after a month of IVs.) …He believes humor and fun live jazz music are important parts of healing, so he provides both while you get your IV… Dr. Wright is unbelievably dedicated to his patients, rarely taking a day off. He gets to know each patient well, not merely their illness.”

“Dr. Wright’s clinic is a pleasure to go to for a cure and is the most pleasant and unique doctor’s facility I have ever been to. He not only cures the infection but does it in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, it is unprecedented! There is piano music, songs and laughter which relaxes the patient and makes the infusion experience a pleasure. I have been to many doctors, clinics and hospitals in my life and have never experienced one that I looked forward to my next visit!”